Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone, hope all of you guys are well. Welcome to my blog! For now, this blog will be film related blog posts but if I decide to talk about other stuff like sports, video games, books, or music, then I’ll keep you guys updated if I decide to do that. But anyways, this post is about my history with films. The name of my website will be currently called “The Quantum Ranger’s Film Blog” since I’m a huge Power Rangers fan and the Quantum Ranger is from the season Power Rangers Time Force for those of you who don’t know. He’s my first favorite Power Ranger of all time. I’m still getting used to WordPress, so please bear with me if something looks quite off. I may change some stuff like themes, etc in the future. It all depends.

I love to watch movies a lot. As a kid, I grew up watching many films. Films is one of the best ways to escape your daily life schedules and the only thing you need to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the film. I always found the art of cinema very amazing and it makes the films feel alive! Especially the film score. If any Star Wars fan hears the Star Wars theme at the very beginning probably will feel goosebumps because that theme itself makes the movie feel “alive”. The same applies to other iconic cinema themes. But yeah, I grew up watching films like Star Wars, The Terminator, Terminator 2, Toy Story 1 and 2, original Spider-Man trilogy, Home Alone, The first few Harry Potter films, and tons of other immortal classics. The list goes on and on.

The very first American film I saw in theaters was the very first Harry Potter film. As a little kid, I was mind blown of seeing a huge screen and hearing the best sound quality of the film at the time. It was such an memorable experience. The second film I saw in theaters was the very first original Spider-Man Film directed by Sam Raimi. That was an memorable experience too since that was the first live action Spidey film ever made. Of course I’ve seen other films in theaters but if I name them all, the list would be huge.

Usually during the weekends, I used to watch movies that were showing on HBO, Cinemax, or TMC.  I didn’t have those channels at the time so whenever I went to one of my relatives house, I had the time to watch it at their place. If I stayed home during the weekends, I used to watch films on the Sci-FI channel (now it’s spelled as Syfy), TBS, ABC, and Fox. I used to have TMC, but then later on  I did not have TMC for some weird reason. I believe there was another channel I used to watch movies on, but can’t think of it right now.

I also grew up watching tons of great kids shows like Power Rangers, Arthur, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Dexter’s Laboratory, the 70’s Scooby Doo( saw the reruns), Batman Beyond, Tom & Jerry, Johnny Bravo, and a lot more!

So basically for my blog, I think I’ll start off with writing film reviews and other film related stuff. I’m very busy with other things so I won’t know how often I’ll post, so let’s see what happens. Plus, I don’t know how good my review would be for a film since I’ve never done it before but hey, I should try right?

Anyways guys, thank you so much for reading this. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my introduction blog post. Feel free to click on the menu and check my film reviews that I’ve reviewed currently and my other film related blog post.

Feel free to share this introduction blog post or any of my film reviews,etc.  If any of you guys want to follow me in any of my social media accounts; you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. My Twitter is Ishmam_07 and my Instagram is Ishmam_117.  ðŸ™‚

Once again, welcome to my blog!

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