My Movie Ranking System

Opening Thoughts:

Hello everyone welcome back to another film related blogpost. As you can tell from the title, this post will be about how I rate my movies once I get to see them for the first time. It’s not really that hard to understand. I like to rate my movies on stars and the stars are always out of five. You guys probably already know that already since you’ve seen me rating my movies in my movie reviews. But in this blogpost, I’ll go in depth of each star rating. So let’s get down to business.

One Star:

If I’m rating a movie one star out of five, I usually consider that movie terrible, garbage, “it sucks”, horrible, etc. You get the picture. It’s pretty self explanatory. A one star movie is way below the “greatness” level and everyone can agree with me on that.

Two Star:

When it comes to rating a movie by two stars, I consider using the term “alright”. When I use the term “alright” for a certain movie, it means the movie could’ve been better. I like to use the terms “alright” or “lackluster” for a two star movie. A two star movie is obviously better than a one star movie but it’s still considered below the “good” level of a film.

Three Star:

I like to consider a three star film a “good” film or also call it a “decent” film. A three star movie is obviously better than a one or two star film. But a small portion (about 50 I think) of my movie collection contains three star movies. Three star movies help me decide if it’s a movie that I can watch more than once as well. I barely own any one star or two star movie but a movie starting with three stars is where my movie collection begins. A three star movie in my opinion is just an above average film. It’s not too good and not that bad either.

Four Star:

A four star film gets a little bit tricky for me to decide if a movie is worth that rank. There are films out there and even that I have that I love so much but don’t consider to be a five star film. As a movie critic and a fan, I love to have films that I consider a four star and five star. However, there are films out there that I consider four stars but I don’t wish to own it because I don’t see myself seeing the movie more than once or twice. That’s just my personal preference. It has nothing to do with the movie’s pros and cons. Due to me having limited space for films, I’m selective now when buying films. If I buy a film on 4K bluray or regular blu-Ray nowadays, it’s because I know I can watch this movie countless of times. There’s no point for me to buy a movie and watch it only once or twice while it’s sitting on my shelf for my whole life. I like to use the words “really good” and “solid” for a four star film.

Five Star:

Everyone knows a five star movie and basically everything else that is ranked by five stars is the highest rank. It really needs no explanation. I like to use the terms “great“, “flawless“, and “masterpiece” for a five star film. Just like a four star film, I don’t buy all movies that are considered great,etc. As I mentioned before, if it’s a movie that I can watch countless of times regardless of a 3-5 star rating, then I’ll buy the movie for sure. I can name so many movies that are masterpieces but I don’t own them. It has nothing to do with its greatness, it’s just that I don’t see myself seeing the movie numerous of times. So why should I waste shelf space?

What about half stars?

Sometimes I rate my movies with an additional half a star. But the terms that I use for each star does not change. For instance, I’m rating a 3.5 star movie, I’ll still call the movie a “decent” or a “good” film. It’s that simple.

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Final Thoughts:

Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost about my movie ranking system. Now you’ll be aware of any movie that I review when it comes to the ratings. Hope everyone has a great day and stay tuned for another film related post or a movie review. 🙂

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