My Thoughts on Stan Lee

Opening Thoughts:

Hello everyone welcome back to another film related blogpost! Today I’ll be talking about my thoughts on the icon Stan Lee and my reaction to his recent death. I’ve been knowing Stan Lee for he who was for quite some time. Let’s get down to business.

My Main Thoughts:

I began to get familiar who Stan Lee was when I started watching Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy numerous of times. After seeing the original Spider-Man trilogy and the 90’s animated series, I was just thinking in my head of who made this great character? I remember looking it up on the internet and then from that point on, Stan Lee became very familiar to me. I was just mind blown of Stan Lee’s creativity with Spider-Man, the side characters, the villains, and the story. I was even more mind blown wen I found out he created other superheroes that we all know and love like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, etc. I know he did not create these characters all by himself. I know he co-created them with Steve Ditko. But Stan Lee was the one that everyone knew more because his imagination was at another level. Once I knew who he was many years back, I started to recognize that he made cameos in the original Spider-Man film. This was before I used the internet a lot. I also gotten into the MCU around Civil War (I know I’m late, but better late than never), and I recognized his cameo in that film. Then by social media, I found out he made cameos in many other MCU movies and other Marvel films before the MCU. I realized at that time that he’s the king of cameos. My favorite cameo of his will always be the one from Spider-Man 3 where he tells Peter Parker:

“You know, I guess one person can make a difference. Enough Said.”

I remember seeing that scene for the first few times as a kid, and I always wanted to know who that person was. It was such a great scene!

I also collected comic books as a kid and I had a bunch of X-Men Comics. I LOVED the stories in those comic books and the only man that I need to thank was the icon Stan Lee. I didn’t know at that time who created the characters, etc since I was just a little boy. Thanks to Stan Lee, Spider-Man, the X-Men, etc are some of my favorite superhero’s of all time. I began to recently collect the well known famous Marvel and DC comics and I’m still mind blown with the imagination that Stan Lee put on paper for Marvel. I still have many comics to read but the ones I read so far that involved Stan Lee, I’m blown away.

When I found out about Stan Lee’s death on Twitter, I was silent for a few moments. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. His death took me and I’m pretty sure everyone else off guard. Stan Lee died at the age of 95 and that’s a long time. We all expected him to live even more longer but this past Monday, that all changed. It was a really sad day that day and it’s gonna take me and I’m sure everyone else to cope with his death.

Final Thoughts:

But anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on Stan Lee and his recent death. Stan Lee in my opinion, is one of those rare people that are a king when it comes to imagination. His work inspired and will continue to inspire people of this and future generations to come. Stan Lee’s creative work will always be immortal no doubt. Stay tuned for another film related post or a movie review. 🙂

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