Aladdin (2019) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts:

I’ve recently seen the 2019 Aladdin film and it’s a film that definitely surprised me. The first teaser of the film got me really worried because it didn’t make too appealed. However the second trailer of the film was a bit of of an improvement and it made me be interested with the film. The original animated film is no doubt a classic and I was worried if the live action film will be able to stay true to the elements of the animated version. And boy, this movie exceeded my expectations.

The Positives:

The main thing that made me love this movie so much is how Guy Ritchie incorporated most of the original elements of the animated classic but at the same time added his own elements to make it technically original. The film is not exactly like the original and I was pleased with that fact. Usually I’d like the live action Disney films to be very like the animated counterparts but this film showed me adding unoriginal elements and original elements together can make a film work out. In the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, there were scenes that were not included in the animated film but those scenes really were unnecessary to the main storyline in my opinion. It just didn’t feel all connected together.

The other great thing that I liked about this film is majority of the casting! Mena Massoud nailed it as Aladdin. He had the charisma of the animated Aladdin and I really couldn’t see anyone else to play the role. The same applies to Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Naomi Scott is a beautiful actress and she nailed it with the looks and personality of the animated Jasmine. The chemistry between her and Massoud’s Aladdin was surprisingly well done too. I was actually invested with them liking one another throughout the entire film. I hope after this film, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud works with more well known directors so their careers can be at their peak.

I was worried at first of Will Smith being casted as the Genie but his performance was surprisingly solid. It wasn’t like Robin William’s performance but Will Smith managed to give the Genie character his own usual self type of personality in real life. Will Smith basically didn’t need to act too much in this film in my opinion because his personality is like this in real life anyway. The humor by the genie definitely delivered.

The songs in the film were memorable and A Whole New World no doubt was my favorite one. The song was also in the animated version but I think the live action version one is my favorite one because I felt Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s chemistry was at its peak while they were singing the song on the magic carpet.

There’s no question that the story of the film is great but as I said before, Guy Ritchie added some minor new things into the story and it made the movie shine even more.

The Negatives:

My only flaw with this film is the casting of Jafar. I thought Marwan Kenzari was decent enough to be casted of Jafar but it could’ve been better. There were some scenes where I thought Kenzari could’ve done a bit better with the role but there were some scenes that was good enough for him to be casted so overall the casting of choice of Jafar was good enough.

My nitpick with this movie is there are some moments in the film that were humorous but in my opinion it wasn’t too humorous. But since this movie is aimed towards mainly the new generation of kids, they will probably laugh at those moments more than I did. But nonetheless, this is only a nitpick. But there were some moments in the film that was actually pretty funny for both kids and even teenagers/adults.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Aladdin was a film that became one of my favorites of 2019 and it made me wander why Guy Ritchie did not direct the live action Beauty and the Beast film. He would’ve done a great job adding minor things to the storyline that would’ve been all connected together. It’s a movie that I’ll be watching countless of times along with the animated version and I’m rating the live action film four out of five stars.

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