Stranger Things Season 1 (2016) – TV Series Review

Opening Thoughts:

Stranger Things is a show that took the world by storm when it first debuted back at 2016 on Netflix. I actually did see the first episode back at 2016 and I was completely mesmerized by it. However I did not continue watching the show after that since I didn’t have Netflix at the time. However I was still very interested with the show since then. Many people that I know have been telling me over the years to resume watching the show so this year I’ve finally gotten the time to see the first season completely.

The Positives:

The main great thing about season 1 of Stranger Things is the story’s plot. A boy named Will gets abducted by an alien in their small hometown while there are small dark government agencies that are up to no good. So Will’s family, his friends, and the town’s police chief take matter into their own hands and tries to find and bring him back home at all costs. Within the first couple of minutes of the pilot episode, you are immediately drawn to the story once Will gets abducted and everyone realizes he’s missing. Each episode has a cliffhanger ending and it makes you want to know what is going to happen next. The viewer is introduced to so many characters and you really become invested with the characters once they have their moments to shine. There are so many twists and turns with season 1 and my favorite turning point of season 1 was when Nancy and Jonathan both realize an alien took Will and Barbara. It’s my favorite turning point because it led to a really good chemistry between Nancy and Jonathan from that point on and it also made the show even more interesting because now they know it’s actually an alien and Jonathan’s mom wasn’t lying.

Speaking of Jonathan and Will’s mom, Winona Ryder nailed it with her performance. You actually feel really empathetic towards her as she is willing to go over the limit to finding her son. You actually get mad with the other characters and side with her when they don’t believe something she says involving the abduction of her son. I love movies and tv shows that do that. It makes you really invested with the characters the best way possible. It’s no doubt Winona Ryder’s best performance ever in her career (as I’m writing this, I haven’t seen season 2 yet.)

Every other character in this season were all phenomenal too. Joyce, Dustin, Nancy and Steve are my favorite characters in the show so far. I like Dustin out of Will’s friend’s circle because he just seems like a great kid to hang out with. Don’t get me wrong, every other kid character are great too but I just felt Dustin stood out the most. I like Nancy’s character as well because her character developed once she saw her best friend Barbara was missing/abducted. She realized (did not admit it) that she hasn’t been herself lately and she hasn’t been spending too much time with Barbara lately ever since she was going out with Steve. Speaking of Steve, he developed the best probably in season 1. At first you see him as the total jerk as the boyfriend of Nancy but later on he shines the most when he, Jonathan, and Nancy team up together to take down the alien. Steve and Jonathan were not on good terms with one another but at the end of the season they became good friends. Steve changed for the better at the end of season 1 and he’s more of a gentlemen as the boyfriend of Nancy instead of a jerk. However, I do think Nancy and Jonathan seem like a better couple because like I said their chemistry with one another was really good. I felt Nancy’s brother Michael kinda hinted them being a couple soon because he asked her if he’s going to go out with him from now on. Nancy responded “no” in a typical way that meant it might be true in the future. Also Nancy gave Jonathan a kiss on the cheek as she was giving him her Christmas present in a way of saying thanks so I have a feeling this might lead to something in a future season. But since Steve also is a better person now, I wander if there is going to be a love triangle eventually with all three characters.

There are no dull moments in this season and the pacing is top notch for every 1 hour episode. It doesn’t even feel like it’s 1 hour because you are so into the show and it makes you upset that the episode is over. The music theme of this show instantly becomes an iconic one once you see the first episode. The intro theme gives me goosebumps and I find it creepy (in a good way).

The TV series is more of a thriller, sci-fi and mystery type and season 1 does not disappoint in that category. It also has some drama and comedy here and there so you’re almost getting a full package of everything and it surprisingly works out!

The Negatives:

I have no nitpicks or flaws with this season!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, season 1 of Stranger Things is a stellar and the show proves that it has the potential to be one of the greatest shows of all time. As I’m writing this, I have not seen season 2 yet so many of you probably know what happens in season 2. There might be stuff that I wrote here in this review that was answered in season 2 so bear with me if you know anything that I don’t so far. But once this review is done, I’ll be binge watching season 2 before season 3 comes out on July 4. Season 1 is an instant classic and I’m going to rate the season five out of five stars. This is my first tv season review ever on my blog and I’m looking forward to writing more tv show seasons’ reviews in the near future.

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