Assassin’s Creed (Video Game Review)

Opening Thoughts:


Welcome to my very first video game review! Going to try out and see how this turns out. Did not expect the very first Assassin’s Creed game to be the very game review I will do. But I gotta start somewhere right? Whatever game I play currently, I will try my best to do a review once I completed the main part. The very first Assassin’s Creed game for the PlayStation 3 turns out to be the last game I completed since I never played any of the games before. I recently bought all the essential Assassins Creed games for the PlayStation 4 and only the very first game for the PS3 since I want to see what makes the essential games so great. I remember back in 2007, the game was talked about a lot in school. Everyone enjoyed the gameplay, the plot and the graphics and believed this might be one of the breakthrough games for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. I remember a classmate of mine back in middle school brought in his Game Informer magazine and Assassin’s Creed was on that issue with the screenshots and the details etc. As the years went by, the sequels were becoming very popular and the franchise itself became widely known.

The Positives:

What I really liked about the Assassin’s Creed game was the story and its graphics. The story was really unique because you get to play as an assassin named Altair and go undercover to take down all the corrupt leaders ((Knights Templar) that are in the game. I never played any game where you get to play as an assassin because usually you either play as a hero or villain. I like the concept of the story where you start the game in the modern day world as the character Desmond Miles and you enter a machine called the Animus to access Altair’s memory. I also liked where most of the game took place and it took place during the third crusade in the holy land around 1191. The story itself is fictional but its based on real world events. Meaning the events itself took place (Third crusade), but the story between the assassins and the knights templars, and finding the artifact named the Apple of Eden are not true at all. I also loved the big plot twist at the end when you are about to play the boss level of the game. So with all these elements in this game, I can understand why this game became instantly popular when it came out. The graphics for this 2007 PlayStation 3 game was simply amazing at the time. The fighting combat with the enemies, and the soldiers from each city with was also pretty well done. I really liked blocking the attack from the guards/enemies and instantly reversing the attack with your own sword attack. The game plays an automatic cutscene with a special camera angle and it looks so cool.

The Negatives:

While this game does have really good graphics for a PlayStation 3 game and it does have a good storyline for the player to be engaged with, there are some problems I have with the game. One major problem I have is that the game gets repetitive with the storyline missions. Once you play like 3-4 of the missions, you basically play the same 3-4 missions again but except in a different city. It gets really boring after a little while but thankfully it still keeps you engaged of what’s to happen next in the storyline. Another thing I did not like was those informer missions where you had to do stealth assassinations. Doing the stealth assassins was not the problem itself but the city guards were just annoying. For instance if you had to kill three guards secretly, you do so but out of nowhere the bunch of other guards find out your the one that killed them if you walk pass them casually. That realistically makes no sense but since it’s only a game, I can let it pass. But I was still really annoyed by how highly “aware” the city guards were in this game. Another problem I had was those annoying homeless women that comes up to you and asks for money. It got me really mad when they came up to me while I was doing a mission such as the informer missions while there was a time limit.

The Verdict:

While the very first Assassin’s Creed game is a solid intro game that started the franchise, it does have its flaws. But the storyline and the graphics keep you engaged nonetheless from beginning to end. I’d say it’s a good game and I’m going to rate it three out of five stars. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my very first video game review and stay tuned for another review like these in the near future! 🙂

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