PlayStation 5: 4 Reasons Why I Am Excited to Buy it!

Opening Thoughts:

Welcome back to another video game related post! Today’s post should be quite interesting and I’m sure you PlayStation gamers out there know as well what is about to hit stores this fall. That is the PlayStation 5. We’ve been wanting the PlayStation 5 within the last few years lately and finally we are going to get our hands on it this year. Sony also recently announced that the exclusive PlayStation games that we all know and love such as Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, etc are gonna be developed by a new rising game studio which is named PlayStation Studios. I saw the animation intro and it looks so dope! I think it might be the PlayStation 5 intro when you start up the console if I’m not mistaken. So Sony has been on a roll lately with the marketing of the ps5 so far and it is no doubt going to be the biggest release this fall. While it is battling against the Xbox Series X in terms of sales, I’m highly confident PlayStation is gonna win the sales within the next few years. I’ve been a PlayStation fan since PlayStation 2 and I’ll never stop. I used to play my PlayStation 2 like crazy as a kid when I was in elementary and middle school. PlayStation 3 was a great follow up right after and PlayStation 4 is just phenomenal. But when the ps5 comes out, it will be MIND BLOWING great. Lets get down to the four reasons why I am excited for the PlayStation 5.

First reason: Backwards Compability!

Ever since the ps3 being released , Sony did not include backwards compatibility features. And still to this day, fans including myself have been wanting that feature for so long so we can relive and experience the classic old games we grew up playing. I give credit to Microsoft for having backwards compatibility since the 360 came out and that’s the only thing that I like about the Xbox console. Yep that’s the only thing I like. But at last with the ps5 being released this fall, Sony has included the backwards compatibility which means we can play our ps4 games in the ps5. That means once I get the ps5, I can slowly sell my PS4 for store credit or even sell it on eBay for some extra cash. I am saying “slowly” because during the ps5 launch, about 100 ps4 games only will make the cut to play right away on the ps5. Obviously as weeks/months go by, Sony will add more ps4 titles and I’m hoping it’s every ps4 game that is out there eventually. This is big news because it means that I can keep some of my favorite ps4 games and play it on the ps5 whenever I want to without no hassle. Sony has not mentioned yet if ps2 and ps3 games can be played but I doubt it. While that would be a dream come true, I can let that pass because I usually play ps2 games on my laptop now (thank god for emulators. No seriously. Thank god! The nostalgia man!!!). I still have my ps3 and some of my favorite ps3 games so I can just plug it once every blue moon.

Second Reason: Native 4K resolution which means built in 4K Blu-ray player!

As you guys might know already, I am a big movie and TV show fan and I love collecting movies and shows on 4K Blu-ray and regular Blu-ray. I currently have a separate 4K Blu-ray player to play my 4K and Blu-ray movies but only because the PlayStation 4 does not play them sadly. Not even the PlayStation 4 Pro! So it’s big news for movie fans and movie collectors like myself since we can now use the PlayStation 5 to play our 4K movies and HD movies. As for the standard 4K Blu-ray players, collectors have the option to keep it and use it still if they like to or they can sell it for extra cash. Personally, I will keep my current 4K player and just transfer it to my upstairs living room TV. So if I ever want to watch something in the living room, I have that 4K Blu-ray player to use since my ps5 can play 4K and HD movies and shows. Also since it’s native 4K resolution, I seriously cannot wait to see the graphics of the future ps5 games that I will play.

Third Reason: More memory storage to start off with!

While the ps4 has great memory storage as well (500 GB), we all changed our opinions once we saw that an average ps4 game takes about 50 GB to store. And that’s only the average, so that means the max you can hold is probably 7-10 games I think. Right now, I have an extended storage drive connected to my ps4 and it is 2 TB storage. While that has become a lifesaver for me and tons of gamers out there too, I still have to delete games like maybe 20% of the time to make room for one or two news games that I got for the console. I’ve heard the PS5 will have TONS of storage that is more than 500 GB to start off with and that is a blessing.

4th Reason: Ultra Fast loading times!

Every gamer knows the struggle of waiting a game to load. Whether it’s for grand theft auto( oh man…), etc. it made us question the term “patience” haha. The struggle has been going on ever since video games and consoles were created. But this fall, the ps5 will be lightning fast to load games. In my opinion that is a revolutionary upgrade. I can just visualize right now playing Grand Theft Auto for the ps5 and BARELY have to wait for the game to load. No doubt that is an impressive feature for the PlayStation 5.

Final Thoughts:

These are my 4 main reasons why I am excited to buy the PlayStation 5 this fall. I’ve signed up for pre order notifications and I think pre orders will be taken at June. Whatever date that will be in June, I think it will start at midnight. So I’m probably going to have my laptop ready and my credit card information ready to pre order the PlayStation 5. No doubt all the retail and online shopping websites that are selling the PlayStation 5 are gonna crash when the pre order launch day begins. On top of that, Sony announced they are making limited quantities of the PlayStation 5 during the first year due to the Coronavirus I believe. So I’m going to have to hustle that day and pre order in a heartbeat. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. I know it’s a bit different to what I usually post but I think I will include video game posts also in my blog from now on just to make it more unique. Had a lot of fun writing about this topic and reviewing the 2007 Assassin’s Creed game so far. Stay tuned for another post and make sure to click the follow button to be updated for all future posts. You can also follow me on social media. My Instagram and Twitter links are posted on my blog so feel free to click the link from my blog to get redirected to my Instagram and/or Twitter page! Have a great day and whoever is planning on getting the ps5 like me; I hope you manage to pre order it in minutes and enjoy the hell out of it once it’s released. 🙂

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    1. Lol. At the mid of 2019 I found out the ps5 would come out soon. So since then, I’ve been keeping updates of anything ps5 related haha

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