Dragon Ball Z (Anime Review)

Opening Thoughts: Dragon Ball Z....man what an ANIME!!! It is my favorite anime of all time and one of the main reasons why I love the art of anime of so much. It'a an anime that redefined the genre in my opinion. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z a lot as a kid. I … Continue reading Dragon Ball Z (Anime Review)

Dragon Ball (Anime Review)

Opening Thoughts: It's been almost a year that I have not written a review. But as I said from my previous post, I am technically back! I'm kicking my return by writing my very first anime review and that is Dragon Ball! It is an anime that is known as the origins of the legendary … Continue reading Dragon Ball (Anime Review)

The Lion King (2019) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts: Well I finally got the chance to see the 2019 live action Lion King film. Before I've decided to watch it, I wanted to watch the animated classic and see how it looks like in 4K quality and how it sounds like with the Dolby Atmos audiotrack.  I saw the live action film … Continue reading The Lion King (2019) – Movie Review

The Lion King (1994) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts: As I'm writing this review, I will be seeing the live action Lion King film later today. So I wanted to share my thoughts on the animated film. I just finished watching the animated film for the millionth time but it was my first time seeing it in 4K. The 4K looks amazing … Continue reading The Lion King (1994) – Movie Review

Stranger Things Season 2 (2017) – TV Series Review

Opening Thoughts:After seeing season 1 of Stranger Things, I knew I had to see season 2 right away. Season 1 of the show blew everyone away and people wanted more of the show. Season 1 was one of the main reasons Netflix has been doing well in terms of popularity and financially. It was a … Continue reading Stranger Things Season 2 (2017) – TV Series Review

Stranger Things Season 1 (2016) – TV Series Review

Opening Thoughts:Stranger Things is a show that took the world by storm when it first debuted back at 2016 on Netflix. I actually did see the first episode back at 2016 and I was completely mesmerized by it. However I did not continue watching the show after that since I didn't have Netflix at the … Continue reading Stranger Things Season 1 (2016) – TV Series Review

Toy Story 2 (1999) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts:Toy Story 2 is a film that holds a dear place in my heart. It's in my top five favorite films of all time. It's the film that made me get introduced and be in love with the franchise. Just like the first film, I grew up watching this film countless of times as … Continue reading Toy Story 2 (1999) – Movie Review

Toy Story (1995) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts: Since Toy Story 4 will be coming out soon, I'll be doing a marathon and review all three Toy Story films. I haven't reviewed any animated films yet on my film blog or on my LetterBoxd yet, so the first three Toy Story films will be the very first animated films that will … Continue reading Toy Story (1995) – Movie Review

Aladdin (2019) – Movie Review

Opening Thoughts: I’ve recently seen the 2019 Aladdin film and it’s a film that definitely surprised me. The first teaser of the film got me really worried because it didn’t make too appealed. However the second trailer of the film was a bit of of an improvement and it made me be interested with the … Continue reading Aladdin (2019) – Movie Review